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James Rodriguez joins Spain’s taxman hit list

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Bayern Munich’s on-loan star from Real Madrid and Colombia international James Rodriguez has emerged as the latest player to be caught up in the Spanish taxman case.

It has been demanded that he pays the sum of €11.65 million for evading taxes while he donned the Los Blancos shirt.

James who made the loan move to Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga last year is being accused of evading €6.35 million in taxes and the figures are mainly linked to his image rights.

The player will pay the stipulated amount as well as a fine and interests that would amount to a total of €11.64 million.

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Sources who are close to the case report that James Rodriguez made the move to Real Madrid from Monaco in an €80m deal mid-2014 but registered as a non-resident.

According to the tax authorities, he ought to have registered as a resident and therefore must settle the difference, or €6.23m, which is related to the sale of his image rights as well as his wages.

However, the Spanish authorities refused to make any comment when news sources made contact with them.

The Colombian who emerged as the top scorer of the 2014 World Cup, a tournament in which he shone now joins the list of other players who have ended up on the wrong side of Spain’s taxman.

Others have reached deals, like Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently completed a move to Juventus.

The Portuguese accepted to make a payment of €18.8 million alongside a 2-year jail sentence he won’t have to serve.

Another player was Lionel Messi who was fined €2.1 million in court for tax fraud and sentenced to 21 months in prison, which was also converted to a fine.