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Who’d dare to tread on Zidane’s path at Real Madrid

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Football has undoubtedly evolved beyond those periods when quality football managerial prowess in the dugout was associated with aged tacticians and the ones who had stayed long in the game.

The likes of Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte as well as many others, and most recently and in an unprecedented style, Zinedine Zidane, have quashed that belief.

No one would want to be in the position of the Real Madrid hierarchy presently. Funny enough, this was one hierarchy whose glory many obviously had sought for, and wished for after Los Blancos’ triumph over Liverpool last Saturday for their third consecutive UCL win.

Such wishes for such glory will have been discarded by the dreamers barely a week after the UCL glory, all boiling down to the decision of one man who was formerly at the Bernabeu.

Zidane retired on a high this midweek, after almost three years of European glory at Real Madrid, but his retirement was preceded by a standard which the majority of the managers in the game would fall short of if they take over the managerial reins at the Bernabeu.

One might ask! How did Zidane manage to motivate the star-studded and ego-filled Madrid players to remain hungry for Champions League glory, not just once or twice but thrice in a row?

That’s a question no one would have thought a rookie manager’s impact in his first three years in senior club management would pose. A rookie manager? Yes, he was!

The Frenchman is barely three years into senior football managerial duties but has set a path that even the veterans would dread to tread on. How often do you see a rookie, set a record and set a standard that even veterans and legends can’t fathom?

Who would be bold enough to take over at the Santiago Bernabeu? Who would dare? Who can continue Zidane’s excellent run in the UCL? Who can keep this Madrid side motivated, and make them dominate on the domestic scene equally as they did in Europe?

These and many more are questions that Florentino Perez and the Madrid hierarchy will be seeking answers to. Can it be said that it’s a no-brainer that no new manager can continue with the standard that Zidane has set at the Bernabeu? Is it impossible? Maybe yes! Maybe No!

No one knows the future! Regardless. the Madrid hierarchy will have to exercise patience with who’ll eventually take over from the Frenchman at the club, as it will be very difficult to continue Zidane’s enviable run in Europe’s elite club competition.

The Real Madrid hierarchy must be ready to compromise on standards regardless of who comes in as a replacement for Zidane.

In my humble opinion, the only way to have a smooth sailing with a new manager and promote relative longevity will be to place less priority on the UCL, as coming in to continue in Zidane’s footsteps immediately is no mean feat.

However, the new manager can’t be all glad and settled as he’ll also have an ever-ready and red-hot Barcelona to compete against in the La Liga to prove his management and tactical mettle.

The best of the best managers presently could easily have their credentials ruined in this job as they try to keep up with the standards already set by Zidane. Funny enough, the majority of the best managers at the moment won’t take the job.

The Real Madrid hierarchy led by Florentino Perez has a big job on their hands to find a manager who’ll be bold enough to take the job. This is an adventure that’ll definitely make the hierarchy to embrace patience.