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Real Madrid FC News was created in 2013 by super Merengue Roi Madhan.

Having supported Real Madrid since a young boy, Roi’s vision was to create a website where true supporters of Real Madrid could keep up on the latest club happenings.

The idea was to create a website where fans could voice their opinions on everything to do with the club from player performances, transfer dealings, injuries, and tactics.

Growing up in India, a country obsessed with cricket, Roi was a bit of an outsider preferring football and Real Madrid above all else. Cristiano Ronaldo remains Roi’s favourite ever player, but he does have a soft spot for David Beckham and Roberto Carlos.

Team member Mark Finlay fell in love with Spain following a short holiday in 2010 and moved there permanently six months later for the laid back lifestyle and of course being near his beloved Real Madrid.

Mark started following Real Madrid while growing up in England. All his friends at school either supported Liverpool, Manchester United or Everton and he just wanted to be different and went for Real Madrid.

Mark knew he had chosen wisely after a trip to the Santiago Bernabeu and seeing the trophy room saying: “it’s just spectacular!”

“Then when you attend a game it’s not just you behind the team but an entire wall of thousands of fans cheering them on.”

“Knowing you are a part of something bigger than yourself is what it is all about for me, and why I love Real Madrid.”

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