• June 21, 2024

Interview: Post match comments from The Manager

Zidane’s pre-match analysis brought the exact game from opponents, but Realmadrid manage to get three points and Cristiano Ronaldo scored.

“We started the game strongly, and managed to get the first goal which is always important, but they came back at us quickly. We got the second and then after the half-hour mark we couldn’t keep the ball. Possession is one of our weapons and we lost the ball too often today. The second half was tough. We’re happy with the result because Málaga are a team with real character and at 2-2 with not long left, we managed to net the third goal. Some things were good, and others weren’t exactly as we would have liked”.

“The opposition gives it all they’ve got when they come here. We have to be aware that if we don’t hit the heights, sometimes it can be like today when we find life difficult, but we shouldn’t get carried away and say it was a poor performance all round. We can play better, yes; we have to play better, yes. The way we lost the ball today was poor”.

Games at the Bernabéu
“There’s no explanation. We love playing here. We started well today, but then there were some elements that were unusual. Today we’ve got to focus on the three points, and tomorrow we can look back on the match”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“He always has chances to score. You’ve got to look at the goalkeeper too, because sometimes, the goalie just has one of those days… I remember how good their keeper was when we played Betis. Cristiano had 2 or 3 great chances today, but the goalie kept them out. In the end, Karim and Cristiano have both scored and we have to be positive. I’d like to win 6 or 7 in a row, but we’ve got time”.

“I don’t know exactly. The real issue with losing the ball like that, is that it’s the first time that it’s happened to us. There were times when we lost it 4 times in a row. That means we have to continue working hard so that it doesn’t happen so often”.

“He’s got everything. He’s just signed and is a player who needs more minutes, he’s not getting them at the moment because there are other players, but Dani is going to get his chance and he’s done very well when he’s played”.

“We always get the same from Karim. He gives everything to the team. Today he’s done well but aside from today and the game against APOEL, he looks happy, he’s worked hard. The fans have the final say, and he got a standing ovation today”.

January window
“Everyone is staying here. We’re happy with the squad that we have. It’s a very long season, we’ve got a big squad with real quality. We’re going to improve and at the moment we don’t want to talk about people coming and going”.

Source: www.realmadrid.com