• June 21, 2024

Interview: Zidane pre-match thoughts against Málaga

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About the opponents Manager Zidane mentioned a solid point: “They’re a team that don’t deserve to be where they are in the table. They play good football and have won two of the last three matches. We know it’ll be another difficult match and we’ll have to play very well”.
“Defensively the team is looking very good, we’ll try to keep a clean sheet and score goals. It’s the best way to win the game. I’m happy because it means we’re doing well. It’s not a matter of two or three players, but the whole team and we are doing better”.

“One of the two will drop points. I’m interested in our match, get the three points and then see what happens on Sunday in that game. Something will happen for sure. I didn’t imagine being 10 points behind. Every match is decisive. We’re on the right track, we have a lot of energy and we’re positive. We have a disadvantage, but these games are going to be important”.

“You’ll see tomorrow if he plays, he’ll play when he’s ready. I’m not afraid of anything. If he can’t play, someone else will play and I’m sure they’ll do well”.

Cristiano and Benzema’s goals
“It’s what we all needed. There are very positive signs. You could say that APOEL were easy, but it wasn’t like that. We played very well and made it look easy. That change has already happened, both worked well during the week and I know I don’t have to worry during the game”.

“We know what he can give us. He’s very strong, powerful and technically good. He’s worked hard and has done very well in the matches he has played with this club. There’s a lot of talk that he’s injured, that he has spent a lot of time out, playing three games and then missing one. But he’s very important for us. He knows that, I know it and everyone else does. I don’t know when he’ll play. Today he’s trained with us, he’s in fine shape physically and not in pain. We’ll see when he’s going to play”.

“I prefer to have Gareth available, obviously. He can give us his strength, he’s very good, fast, he’s a crosser and works hard. He brings a lot to the team. The important thing for everyone and for his mood is that he is with us and that he starts playing. That can take away the negative things that could be around him”.

Bale’s state
“This time it’ll take less to get him right. The second injury wasn’t a long one. We have to get Gareth back to 100%. I don’t think he needs a lot of time to re-find his form because he has already trained with us and he looks good to me. Gareth, Keylor and Kovacic are ready and may or may not be in the squad”.

Carvajal’s yellow card in the Champions League
“I’m surprised at the fuss they’re kicking up around this. Dani didn’t look for anything, it’s just another thing and we’ll see what happens”.

“This is football. Casualties are part of the game, I don’t look for excuses. The 10 points are not just down to the injuries, it’s a bit of everything and I’m responsible. We have to try to reduce the distance, we’re convinced we can do so. What has happened has happened and what we have to do is look forward”.

“We’re going to send out the medical report. It’s nothing serious but he has something. It’s better to lose him for three or four days than to continue and make it worse”.

“I think he’s a good coach. He’s done good things as a player and as a coach. He’s got a team that plays pretty well”.

Source: www.realmadrid.com