• June 21, 2024

Once again in El Clasico, but playing with new role.

Zinedine Zidane’s first El Clasico game as a manager and he is going to enjoy it very much as we do. Real Madrid is struggling with few injuries and the results from the past on the same clash, but now everything has been changed and ready to steal the show at Camp Nou.

El Clasico one of the big rivalry matches followed by the football fans from all over the world and always it pays back with an excitement and the results. Previous El Clasico was a treat for the Barcelona, but this time The Whites are very much eager to feed the joy to everyone who are screaming their name.

Why is it more special now? Because once he fought many times for the same battle, but now he is guiding and mentoring the same team he always loves. Zidane has already faced some ups and downs with his managerial role in Real Madrid, but this will bring him a new name on his shirt.

He is very much positive about the game despite of Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty issues, injuries and the threat from the opponents. He gave an interview after the final training session. Here is few thing:

“We have to keep doing as we have been recently. We are doing well, we’re in a good moment and we have to make the most of this. We have to keep growing as a team. We are a team with a lot of personality. We will prepare for the game in the best way possible because we are coming into this strongly, in every sense of the word”.

“We are here to try to win every game. We have prepared well all week, despite some players being away due to international commitments. There are three points to be won in this game and we will do everything we can to get the win there”.

About the El Clasico as a manager:

“it’s not an exam. We have a good dynamic, we have been doing well recently and we are continuing with our work. It is one game more, an important game. These games are always different. What people want to see is a good game and what I want to see is my team doing what they have been doing recently. I, personally, will have the luck of being as close to the game as possible”.

He also explained the result of the last meet between these teams.

“I haven’t spoken to the players about the home game. They know what happened. This is another game that is different to the home game. It is a game that we must win and we want to win. I have seen and analysed the home game, but I haven’t spoken to the players about it”.

About the missing penalties of Ronaldo:

“I am not worried about this. Missing from time to time is part of football. Cristiano responded in his second game with Portugal. He isn’t worried either, he scored and arrived back well after the international break. I am happy and relaxed with him”.

About the opponents:

“it doesn’t bother me at all, we are going to play the game using all of our concentration. People can think whatever they want, but I don’t think it will be easy to beat Real Madrid. I want to see a good game of football and see my team win”

Game plan

“We have an idea of how to play and we will try to do exactly that. It is a different game but we are not going to change anything with regard to what we have to do. We are going to go out strong and put our ideas into the game”.

Source: http://www.realmadrid.com/