• June 21, 2024

Pogba may have a hard time working with Zinedine Zidane


With just four days left until the Spanish transfer window closes there is still a faint possibility that Paul Pogba could come to Real Madrid.

With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to hear how Pogba and Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane might get along from a man who knows the French international very well.

The man in question, Franck Sale took Paul Pogba from the suburbs of Paris and watched him make his way onto the world’s stage.

Also regarded as an elegant attacking midfielder, and like Pogba a native of France, you would think that Zinedine Zidane would be the ideal person to mentor Paul Pogba.

Currently working as head of recruitment at Le Havre AC, Sale thinks that Zidane and Pogba might not be the match made in heaven that everybody thinks.

While talking to Optus Sport, Sale admitted that he is unsure how well Pogba in Zidane will get along as he thinks the young Frenchman has difficulty dealing with people who have strong personalities.

“If Paul has a coach with a strong personality around him, in time there will be a clash somewhere.

“When he left for Juventus a few years ago, with Alex Ferguson that was very complicated too. Paul didn’t concede because he has such a strong character. So when he says, ‘I’m leaving’, he’s leaving.

“If tomorrow he goes to a big club like a Real Madrid, he’ll still have his conflicts even with Zizou.”

Having said that, Sale feels that now might be a good time for Pogba to leave Manchester United and take up a new challenge.

“I think he is becoming too comfortable at United,” he said. “It’s not as demanding for him as it was a few years ago. I think he is ready for a new challenge, that’s obvious. I can see him leaving for another big club searching for this new challenge.”

Pogba was first discovered by scouts working for Sale who saw the then 12-year-old kicking a ball around in a Paris playground.

Le Havre immediately signed the youngster and sold him on to Manchester United’s academy in 2009.

After developing his talents with the Red Devils, Pogba has gone on to become one of the best-attacking midfielders in the world.

As Sale mentioned, Pogba has had his run in’s with big characters, most recently, Jose Mourinho, when the Portuguese manager was in charge at Old Trafford.

At the start of last season, before Mourinho left United, he took the vice-captaincy away from Pogba and had people speculating that he told Pogba that he would never wear the armband again.

Following a poor start to the 2018-19 season, Mourinho referred to Pogba as “His Excellency” and said that he feared he could lose his job if he ever was accused of treating Pogba badly.

I remain optimistic that Pogba and Zidane can get along and see Pogba as the man Zidane can build a new team around.

What do you think?