• May 30, 2024

Ramos pleased with crucial away win and standing top

Real Madrid skipper Sergio Ramos is happy to secure three points in away game and moved to top of the league.

“In the end, no ground is easy to come to and every team turns up. We knew that they are a side that plays in a 4-4-2 system, it’s more difficult to create space against them, the lines were close together and it was difficult.

The first half was a bit harder and in the second we found more space, attacking down the wing and Nacho was able to get on the end of a second ball”.

“We’re happy with our goal, which was to get three points and go top of the table, and now it’s time to continue picking up points.

It’s very early and the league season is very long, every time its more complicated and you can drop points anywhere and against any opponent.

We’re going to go from match to match, trying to pick up three points each time and continue this dynamic, playing with personality, with a lot of initiative so that everyone can see Real Madrid playing with commitment and identity to try to achieve the goals”.

Spanish defender also expressed the special hug between Nacho and Zidane.

“It’s very good, it sums up the unity in the group. It’s fundamental, that balance helps the unity of the group and although there are players who play less, we must all be prepared because we are equally important, regardless of the minutes we play”.

“It was not just a hug from Zidane, it represented the whole team as we have that common objective and you can see that in the little details”.