• June 21, 2024

Real Madrid to sign Neymar


Well, I did not see this one coming and it is probably because deep down I did not want it to happen.

While I will admit that Neymar is one of the most talented players on the planet,  he is an out and out mercenary only interested in making money.

There is no club loyalty or respect, with the young Brazilian quite comfortable playing for Barcelona one minute and then Real Madrid the next.

These are traits I find difficult to stomach because as a fan of Real Madrid I am loyal to that one club and will never switch teams.

No matter how bad the team is my loyalty is to Real Madrid and not the flavor of the month,

Neymar it would appear is like I already said, a mercenary prepared to play for whoever offers him the best deal.

Another thing I do not like about Neymar is that he goes to ground after the faintest of touches and rolls around as though he is in absolute agony.

A minute later he gets up and runs around as if nothing ever happened.

Like it or not it is looking very as though the 27-year-old is on his way to the Santiago Bernabeu if you believe everything written in this mornings newspapers.

The Daily Express in the U.K. says that Neymar’s current club Paris Saint Germain needs to be flexible on how they handle a player who has openly said he wants to leave.

At least that is the opinion of ESPN football pundit Alejandro Moreno.

Just after the transfer window opened, Neymar told the club hierarchy that he was not happy in Paris and would like to leave.

He even went so far as to say he would not play again until he was sold.

According to reports, he told PSG owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi that he was sorry he had ever left Barcelona and that if he could he would willingly return to the Catalan giants.

When he signed for PSG in 2017 he became the most expensive footballer in the world, with the Qatari backed side paying a whopping £198 million for his services.

Sadly after just two years, he is now disillusioned with the quality of the football in Ligue 1 and wants to return to Spain.

Neymar was brought to France in the hope of helping PSG win the Champions League, and while he has helped them to two French Championships, Europe’s most prestigious competition has eluded them.

Before this morning’s news, Neymar was being linked with a move back to his former club Barcelona, but now it looks almost certain that he is coming to Real Madrid.

Moreno believes that it is a combination of two things driving the transfer.

Firstly PSG knows they have to sell him as he has already told them he will not play again until he is sold.

Secondly, Real Madrid has PSG over a barrel and can probably pick up Neymar for a relative bargain.

“It all depends on whether PSG are flexible enough to say you know what? We’re going to meet a club halfway’,” he said when asked about the prospects of Neymar leaving.

“There are certain things that they will have to do in order to follow through on what they’ve said when they said we don’t want players like Neymar, we don’t want one superstar.”

“They have to get rid of him.”

“In order to do that, they have to be flexible, because teams know they want to get rid of him.”

For me, Neymar will eventually leave, I don’t think that if he leaves, it will be to Real Madrid.”

Spanish sides have until September 2nd to complete a potential deal for Neymar.

Unfortunately, I agree with what Moreno says, but think Neymar is coming to real Madrid in a deal that will see Luka Modric go to Paris.