• April 24, 2024

Thibaut Courtois: I want to win every title I can

Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois spoke about his recent form and future in Real Madrid. Since he moved from Chelsea, He tagged with heavy criticism and struggled to bring his natural form in Santiago Bernabeu.

11 games without conceding a goal and standing top of the table gives this Belgian to dream more trophies.

“We have been getting good wins since the end of 2019 and keeping clean sheets too. We played confidently in the Super Cup, and in the end, we won the trophy, and have gone from strength to strength. We are doing very well and we need to keep it up.”

“I want to win every title I can. This year we could win everything. We already have our first and on Wednesday we will look to get into the next round of the Copa.

In LaLiga we need to keep on working hard. In February, the Champions League starts up again and we face a top side. We can’t wait to continue fighting for all these titles.”

“My dream came true, as I’m here, I’ve won two trophies and now we’re league leaders so that is great.

Every day I come to Valdebebas, and I think about it as we train, if we work hard we can share beautiful memories.”

“I can’t say if I am the best. There are some top goalkeepers and I am fighting to help my team keep winning, be it against Getafe or the Super Cup final.

Working hard each day means I improve and the key thing is helping my team.”

He also mentioned former skipper Iker Casillas

“I remember Iker playing his first games. I watched him when I was just a kid and it made me watch Real Madrid more.

My mother is a physiotherapist, and she had a patient who was always going to matches and they brought me back a flag or an Iker t-shirt and from there I kept following the club and I dreamed that I would make it here.”

“My presentation as a Real Madrid player was incredible. You enjoy it and then go straight into training. It was great to be surrounded by family and my close friends.

It is a dream come true, you want it for so long and then it finally happens”.

“It’s special to play in the Club World Cup because you have to win the Champions to get there, something I still need to win with this club.

It is my dream, I came here to help the biggest club win more titles. That was my first trophy here and we all want more”.

“We were prepared and that showed. When it came to penalties I didn’t think I’d be a hero but I did feel good afterwards.

Sergio and Isco told me things would end well and that boosted my confidence and as I’m two metres tall, I just tried to stand tall. We did not miss a penalty”.

“Having him as a coach is great because I watched him as a kid, he set a benchmark. It is great to be around him every day. I want to do well for him and win alongside him”.

Courtois is enjoying the company of his fellow national team mate Eden Hazard.

“He is a funny guy, always smiling. I get on well with him after these years together at Belgium and our time at Chelsea. We are good friends, he is a great player and person.

I hope he comes back from injury quickly to help us win games”.

“I try to stop everything I can. It is not down to just the keeper or back four, there are 11 of us on the pitch and if we all defend well we will concede fewer goals.

I try to keep our rivals at bay. As with the Valladolid game, if we keep a clean sheet, one goal is sufficient to win”.