• May 30, 2024

UCL Final – Liverpool deploy top secrecy in Marbella training sessions

ucl final - madrid vs liverpool

Real Madrid’s opponents in the UEFA Champions League final, Liverpool, have already commenced training in Marbella after rounding up a successful Premier League season by their standards recently.

The Los Blancos still have one more game to play in the La Liga against Villareal before they set their sights on training ahead of the night in Kiev.

However, according to Journalists, the English club have towed the line of secrecy and are not letting anyone have a glimpse of their tactical plans. Journalists who have been in close proximity to the ground couldn’t even identify the players as they were kept very far from the action.

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The heights of the tarpaulin walls of the Marbella Football Center have also been raised a bit higher with the buildings located nearby being controlled by the club too, with the belief that some fees may have been paid.

A security man was seen saying “Sorry, but you can’t pass here,” to some journalists who tried gaining access to a nearby facility. The director of the center, identified as Andres Roldan also had a similar message:

“We’ve received instructions from Liverpool not to allow access to anybody,” he explained.

“They want total privacy.”

Meanwhile, the only news available is that the players travel from their hotel to the training ground on bicycles, while Emre Can and James Milner are still working on regaining full recovery from their injuries.

Milner is hopeful oF coming back in time to face Los Blancos. The players also had a free afternoon on Thursday with their families and are set to return to work on Friday.